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Security vs. Access

Balancing Safety and Productivity in the Digital School
LeAnne K. Robinson, Abbie H. Brown, Tim D. Green ,   
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Too many security measures can discourage teachers from using technology in their classrooms. Not enough security means students, teachers, and school property aren’t safe. It’s important that we achieve a balance.
Security vs. Access is a resource for educators, IT staff, and school administrators who want to initiate conversations and solutions that keep students, teachers, and school property safe while fostering an environment for productive digital education. The authors examine security issues, common responses and misconceptions, and realistic recommendations that promote knowledge, education, and communication over responses that stifle learning and teaching.
Von Klappentext im Buch Security vs. Access (2010)
'Better safe than sorry' isn't always as simple as it sounds. Security threats from the Internet and other technologies are very real, and schools have an obligation to keep their students, staff, and property safe, but implementing drastic security measures can often create an environment of fear and significantly reduce teachers' ability to provide students with a high-quality education. Overly cautious security measures often have unintended consequences. Disabling USB ports may prevent data theft, but it also inhibits collaboration. Strict copyright guidelines can prevent lawsuits but may also preclude teachers from legally using digital video that enhances a lesson or helps a student grasp an otherwise elusive concept. "Security vs. Access" emphasizes the importance of balance in creating school environments that are safe and productive. The book provides educators, administrators, and IT staff the information they need to have constructive conversations about security challenges while still making sure students receive an effective, technology-infused education. The authors examine security issues, including access to inappropriate content, network security, and identity theft. They discuss common responses and provide realistic recommendations that address both safety and access. Educators will find this book invaluable as they engage in a critical dialogue with all stakeholders, promoting knowledge, education, and communication over security responses that stifle teaching and learning. This is an examination of security issues facing today's schools. It offers recommendations for balancing technology access with school security. It provides real-life anecdotes highlighting perceived threats, responses, and consequences.
Von Klappentext im Buch Security vs. Access (2010)

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