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The World of Simple Programs

Zu finden in: A New Kind of Science, 2002  
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Stephen WolframThe examples in this chapter suggest that if the rules for a particular System are sufficiently simple, then the System will only ever exhibit purely repetitive behavior. If the rules are slightly complicated, then nesting will also often appear, But to get complexity in the overall behavior of a system one needs to go beyond some threshold in the complexity of ist underlying rules. The remarkable discovery that we have made, however, is that this threshold is typically extremely low. [...] One might nevertheless have thought that if one were to increase the complexity of the rules, then the behavior one would get would also become correspondingly more complex. But [...] this is not typically what happens. Instead, once the threshold for complex behavior has been reached, what one usually finds is that adding complexity to the underlying rules does not lead to any perceptible increase at all in the overall complexity of the behavior that is produced.
Von Stephen Wolfram im Buch A New Kind of Science (2002) im Text The World of Simple Programs auf Seite  105

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Computercomputer, Fehlererror, Komplexitätcomplexity, Mathematikmathematics, Musterpattern, Turing-Maschineturing machine, Zelluläre AutomatenSelf-Reproducing Automata, Zufall

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Stephen WolframIn my experience the single most common mistake in doing computer experiments is to look at Systems that are vastly more complicated than is necessary.
von Stephen Wolfram  im Buch A New Kind of Science (2002) im Text The World of Simple Programs auf Seite 110
Stephen WolframOver and over again the single most important principle that I have learned is that the best computer experiments are ones that are as simple and straightforward as possible.
von Stephen Wolfram  im Buch A New Kind of Science (2002) im Text The World of Simple Programs auf Seite 109

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