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Four Didactic Parameters for Analysis and Planning

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Norbert PachlerBen BachmairIn Chapter 12 we discuss two mobile learning projects on the basis of four didactic parameters, which we have developed as a tool for analyzing and planning teaching and learning with mobile devices within the mobile complex.
Von Norbert Pachler, Ben Bachmair, John Cook im Buch Mobile Learning (2010) im Text Charting the Conceptual Space auf Seite  27
Norbert PachlerBen BachmairIn Chapter 12 on pedagogical approaches to ubiquitous mobility we make detailed proposals how to ‘dock’ school learning onto mobile contexts by taking up ‘conversational threads’ from students’ everyday life. These proposals are premised on an understanding of the interrelation of media and context as cultural resources with the social constitution of child development and the formation of identity und subjectivity.
Von Norbert Pachler, Ben Bachmair, John Cook im Buch Mobile Learning (2010) im Text Charting the Conceptual Space auf Seite  18
In this book we propose the augmentation and broadening of existing school-based learning and teaching by assimilating the native expertise of students with mobile devices and contexts. For analyzing and planning learning with mobile devices in schools we propose four didactic parameters in this chapter. These parameters give the opportunity to consider the breadth of teaching and learning in school in relation to individualised, mobile society and mass communication. One of our parameters focuses on modes of representation from mono media to media convergence. The parameters also deal with changing agency, such as the relationship of students to the learning object and the personal expertise of students in relation to the prerequisites of the school curriculum. Because the school´s usual practices of teaching and learning are intertwined with a variety of mobile practices, we reflect on learning sets in another of the parameters. The didactic parameters are applied to gain a deeper understanding of some published projects on mobile learning. Through this analysis we attempt to show their value in supporting the discussion of practical options in the area of mobile learning for schools, particularly with regard to providing responsive contexts of children´s and young people´s personal development. Finally we explore issues around the support and development required by teachers to be able to operate successfully in a (mobile) technology-rich environment.
im Buch Mobile Learning (2010) im Text Four Didactic Parameters for Analysis and Planning

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