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Kai Qian Broadening Secure Mobile Software Development (SMSD) Through Curriculum Development (Abstract Only)(2017) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2017)
Enhance computer networks learning with hands-on mobile device based labware (abstract only)(2013) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2013)
Teach real-time embedded system online with real hands-on labs(2009) (erschienen in ITiCSE 2009)
Innovative CS capstone projects on green energy applications with WSN in a box(2010) (erschienen in ITiCSE 2010)
Portable labs in a box for embedded system education(2010) (erschienen in ITiCSE 2010)
Inquiry-based active learning in introductory programming courses(2010) (erschienen in ITiCSE 2010)
Yufeng Qian New Media Literacy in 3-D Virtual Learning Environments(2009) local web  (erschienen in Handbook of Research on New Media Literacy at the K-12 Level)
Henry Qin Enhancing K-12 education with alice programming adventures (2010)
Changes to JFLAP to increase its use in courses(2011) (erschienen in ITiCSE 2011)
Hong Qin Teaching computational thinking through bioinformatics to biology students(2009) local web  (erschienen in SIGCSE 2009)
Jack Linchuan Qiu Mobile Communication and Society (2006) local 
Data Power and Counter-power with Chinese Characteristics (2022) local web