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Fatos Xhafa Problems and Opportunities of Learning Together in a Virtual Learning Environment (2005) (erschienen in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning in Higher Education)
A Generic Platform for the Systematic Construction of Knowledge-based Collaborative Learning Applications (2008) (erschienen in Architecture Solutions for E-Learning Systems)
Bo Xiao Small Groups Learning Synchronously Online at the Workplace (2005) local secure 
The Shared Multimedia Notebook (2003) (erschienen in DeLFI 2003)
Zhiping Xiao AutoQuiz (2018) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2018)
Yang Xiao 0003 Exploring XML for data exchange in the context of an undergraduate database curriculum (2005) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2005)
Benjamin Xie Experiences of Computer Science Transfer Students (2018) (erschienen in ICER 2018)
Comprehension First (2017) (erschienen in ICER 2017)
An Explicit Strategy to Scaffold Novice Program Tracing (2018) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2018)
Charles Xie Advancing Children´s Engineering Through Desktop Manufacturing (2014) local secure web 
Siehe Advancing Children´s Engineering Through Desktop Manufacturing (2014) local secure web 
Tao Xie 0001 Engage your students by teaching programming using only mobile devices with TouchDevelop (abstract only) (2012) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2012)
Stelios Xinogalos Preparing teachers for teaching informatics (2012) (erschienen in WIPSCE '12)
Teaching java with BlueJ (2007) (erschienen in ITiCSE 2007)
Educational Games for Teaching Computer Programming (2014) local secure web 
  • Coli Calling 2018
    • Statistical Frequency-Analysis of Misconceptions In Object-Oriented-Programming
Di Xu An Effective Cloud-Based Simulator Facilitating Learning Analytics on Mobile Devices (2016) local secure web 
Dianna Xu Creative coding and visual portfolios for CS1 (2012) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2012)
Updating Introductory Computer Science with Creative Computation (2018) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2018)
Dianxiang Xu Software security testing of an online banking system (2013) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2013)
Dongyan Xu A Collaborative Undergraduate Course for Pen-based Computing using Tablet PCs (2006) local secure web 
J. Xu Teaching a web security course to practice information assurance (2006)
Jinsheng Xu Integrating Mobile Computing and Security into a Computer Science Curriculum (Abstract Only) (2015)
Enhancing Cybersecurity Education Using POGIL (Abstract Only) (2017) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2017)
Li Xu Chirp on crickets (2006)
Language engineering in the context of a popular, inexpensive robot platform (2008) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2008)
Shijin Xu Earth Science Digital Museum (ESDM) (2005)
Xin Xu Projects for computing summer camps for 4th-12th grade students (abstract only) (2014) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2014)
Ying Xu Technology and Equity in Education (2018) local secure web 
Yuning Xu Developing Implementation Measures for K-12 Computer Science Curriculum Materials (2019) (erschienen in SIGCSE 2019)
Principled Assessment of Student Learning in High School Computer Science (2017) local secure web 
Chuang Xuejin Fun and Learning: Blending Design and Development Dimensions in Serious Games through Narrative and Characters (2012) local secure web 
Xu Li Xun Erfolgreicher Einsatz von E-Learning-Systemen in China (2005) local secure web 

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