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total recall total recall

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total recall, lifelogging


Total RecallEach day I’m losing a little bit more of my mind. By the way, so are you. What if you could overcome this fate? What if you never had to forget anything, but had complete control over what you remembered— and when? Soon, you will be able to. You will have the capacity for Total Recall. You will be able to summon up everything you have ever seen, heard, or done. And you will be in total control, able to retrieve as much or as little as you want at any given time. Right now, if someone had even a single photo from each day of her life, we would be amazed. But soon you will be able to record your entire life digitally. It’s possible, affordable, and beneficial.
Von Gordon Bell, Jim Gemmell im Buch Total Recall (2009) im Text Part one
Total RecallIf you choose, you’ll be able to create this digital diary or e-memory continuously as you go about your life. This will be nearly effortless, because you’ll have access to an assortment of tiny, unobtrusive cameras, microphones, location trackers, and other sensing devices that can be worn in shirt buttons, pendants, tie clips, lapel pins, brooches, watchbands, bracelet beads, hat brims, eyeglass frames, and earrings. Even more radical sensors will be available to implant inside your body, quantifying your health. Together with various other sensors embedded in the gadgets and tools you use and peppered throughout your environment, your personal sensor network will allow you to record as much or as little as you want of what happens to you and around you.
Von Gordon Bell, Jim Gemmell im Buch Total Recall (2009) im Text Part one


Total Recallfor about two hundred dollars you can own enough memory to store everything you read, everything you hear, and ten pictures a day for your whole life.
Von Gordon Bell, Jim Gemmell im Buch Total Recall (2009) im Text Part one
Total RecallIt’s impossible to know exactly how long it will take for lifelogging to become common practice, but it’s almost a sure bet that it will do so within a decade.
Von Gordon Bell, Jim Gemmell im Buch Total Recall (2009) im Text Part one
Total RecallTotal Recall will make it possible to deal with a prolific and even hectic work pace, far above our current expectations—and still remain sane. It will help make you more productive, whether you are a busy traveling salesperson or a parent frantically chauffeuring your kids between school and activities.
Von Gordon Bell, Jim Gemmell im Buch Total Recall (2009) im Text Part Two
Total RecallThe coming world of Total Recall will be as dramatic a change in the coming generation as the digital age has been for the present generation. It will change the way we work and learn. It will unleash our creativity and improve our health. It will change our intimate relationships with loved ones both living and dead. It will, I believe, change what it means to be human.
Von Gordon Bell, Jim Gemmell im Buch Total Recall (2009) im Text Part one
Total RecallThere is a strong social prejudice against this very simple idea. Keeping everything is like the eighth deadly sin. You’ll become a packrat, a horder, obsessed with your past. You shouldn’t look back. You need to clear out your attic and throw stuff away. And in a nondigital world, that kind of thinking made some sense. But in a digital world, with time and cost barriers melting away before our eyes, things have changed. Keeping everything doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time looking after masses of paper and stuff. Don’t throw it away, digitize it.
Von Gordon Bell, Jim Gemmell im Buch Total Recall (2009) im Text Part one auf Seite  28
Total RecallTotal Recall just means storing and annotating things digitally instead of physically. It will not be any more time-intensive; in fact it will probably be less time-intensive, and the amount of information will be orders of magnitude larger. Digital records take less time to file, take up almost no space, and are easy to search. Pioneers like me might be manually filing records by scanning or snapping photos of them, typing or speaking quick notes about items that need explanation, even composing longer stories as I create the record. But soon so much of that will be as automated as your bank account statement.
Von Gordon Bell, Jim Gemmell im Buch Total Recall (2009) im Text Part one

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