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The Math Myth

And Other STEM Delusions
Andrew Hacker , local secure 
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This country has problems. But more mathematics isn’t one of the solutions.
Von Andrew Hacker im Buch The Math Myth (2016) im Text The 'M' in STEM
Wie viel und vor allem welche Mathematik soll zur Allgemeinbildung gehören?
Von Andrew Hacker im Buch The Math Myth (2016)
Andrew Hacker’s 2012 New York Times op-ed questioning the requirement of advanced mathematics in our schools instantly became one of the paper’s most widely circulated articles. Why, he wondered, do we inflict a full menu of mathematics—algebra, geometry, trigonometry, even calculus—on all young Americans, regardless of their interests or aptitudes?
The Math Myth expands Hacker’s scrutiny of many widely held assumptions, like the notions that mathematics broadens our minds, that mastery of azimuths and asymptotes will be needed for most jobs, that the entire Common Core syllabus should be required of every student. He worries that a frenzied emphasis on STEM is diverting attention from other pursuits and subverting the spirit of the country.
In fact, Hacker honors mathematics as a calling (he has been a professor of mathematics) and extols ist glories and ist goals. Yet he shows how mandating it for everyone prevents other talents from being developed and acts as an irrational barrier to graduation and careers. He proposes alternatives, including teaching facility with figures, quantitative reasoning, and understanding statistics.
The Math Myth is sure to spark a heated and needed national conversation not just about mathematics but about the kind of people and society we want to be.
Von Klappentext im Buch The Math Myth (2016)

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This book asks a seemingly ingenuous question: why do we impose so prolonged a sequence of a single discipline, with no alternatives or exemptions? Given our skeptical age, I find it curious that hardly anyone has asked.
Von Andrew Hacker im Buch The Math Myth (2016) im Text The 'M' in STEM
In no way is this book “anti-mathematics,” if such a stance is possible. I would be elated if everyone understood what mathematics is and does, along with the breadth and depth of its achievements. Sadly, few mathematicians seek to evoke this appreciation, whether in their classrooms or to wider audiences. I will argue that if mathematics is to join the liberal arts, it needs to meet the rest of the world halfway.
Von Andrew Hacker im Buch The Math Myth (2016) im Text The 'M' in STEM
Although I have taught in a department of mathematics at a respected college, strictly speaking, I’m not a mathematician, in that I have no degrees in the discipline. Still, I can admit to being a social scientist, which has always had a quantitative side. I also have a fair reputation for being agile with numbers. But this is not a mathematics book, in the sense of being a textbook or a volume on the beauties of topology. Rather, it is about mathematics, as an ideology, an industry, even a secular religion.
Von Andrew Hacker im Buch The Math Myth (2016) im Text The 'M' in STEM

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  • 1. The 'M' in STEM
  • 2. A Harsh and Senseless Hurdle

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