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Teacher training

The interplay of IT and society
Personenreihenfolge alphabetisch und evtl. nicht korrekt Christian Görlich, Ludger Humbert
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Ludger HumbertIn their paper the authors emphasize the necessity to approach the conference's agenda with a more precise terminology and more practical as well as verifiable projects. Thus data related to current on-line learning projects could be made available for empirical research. Looking for theoretical grounding and help the authors resort to a reconstruction of sociological questions.
They are skeptical of all purely scientific approaches to the conference's topic. They argue this would be too narrow and limited in scope. They in turn draw attention to the ethical implications of this issue, in particular the potential for emancipation. They support Merton's view of the decisive role and significance of values to be observed in the present process. They follow Kuhn when asking for the options of a predominantly historical approach.
Focussing on the debate of CSCL the authors suggest three priorities - any research should consider in a more systematic and consistent way than before the individuals concerned, the constantly changing structure of social groups as well the given social context.
The authors' assumptions rely on writers like Holzkamp who have demanded a theory of learning based on the individual without ignoring the social context. They refer to the work of Foucault. According to him today's educational structures and institutions serve two functions. They guarantee the efficiency of any form of learning and simultaneously function as an element of control and social order. Any change in the CSCL's learning environment may result in fears and anxieties that have to be taken into due consideration.
The authors report on a current CSCL project in teacher training. Within the context of clearly defined academic research trainees explore and test new forms of cooperation and "knowledge management". This is done by creating and working on virtual learning stations in different places and at different times. First results indicate that educational bureaucracies and government offices need to adjust now and in the future. The authors hope that in this way more empirical data will become available for educational research focussing on the learning biography of adult learners.
Von Christian Görlich, Ludger Humbert Personenreihenfolge alphabetisch und evtl. nicht korrekt an der Veranstaltung SEC III (2002) im Text Teacher training

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CSCLComputer-Supported Collaborative Learning, Ethikethics, Gesellschaftsociety, Lernenlearning



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