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Assessing Learning Games for School Content

The TPACK-PCaRD Framework and Methodology
Aroutis Foster
Zu finden in: Assessment in Game-Based Learning (Seite 201 bis 215), 2012
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Game-based learning is varied and so are the assessments and methods used to determine what is learned with games. The author used two studies conducted in different settings to illustrate the role of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) and play, curricular activity, reflection, and discussion (PCaRD) in game-based learning. In the first project in an after-school study in a computer lab, 26 middle school students played a game for 7 weeks. Assessments were created using a game analysis based on TPACK to examine learning and motivation TPACK allowed for the creation of assessments that focused on the content in a game and highlight the genre effect on pedagogy in gameplay. In the second study conducted with 21 high school learners, TPACK played the same role; however, PCaRD was used to integrate the game into a classroom. The integration process included the previously developed assessments for learning and motivation. Whereas TPACK provides a lens to analyze digital games for pedagogy and content, PCaRD provides a pedagogical model for integrating games into learning settings. This has implications for designers of games, teachers using games, and researchers studying games for learning.
Von Aroutis Foster im Buch Assessment in Game-Based Learning (2012) im Text Assessing Learning Games for School Content

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