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Personal Dynamic Media

Alan Kay, Adele Goldberg
Erstpublikation in: Computer 10(3):31-41
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Alan KayThe Learning Research Group at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center is concerned with all aspects of the communication and manipulation of knowledge. We design, build, and use dynamic media which can be used by human beings of all ages. Several years ago, we crystallized our dreams into a design idea for a personal dynamic medium the size of a notebook (the Dynabook) which could be owned by everyone and could have the power to handle virtually all of its owner’s information-related needs. Towards this goal we have designed and built a communications system: the Smalltalk language, implemented on small computers we refer to as “interim Dynabooks.” We are exploring the use of this system as a programming and problem solving tool; as an interactive memory for the storage and manipulation of data; as a text editor; and as a medium for expression through drawing, painting, animating pictures, and composing and generating music. (Figure 26.1 is a view of this interim Dynabook.) We offer this paper as a perspective on our goals and activities during the past years. In it, we explain the Dynabook idea, and describe a variety of systems we have already written in the Smalltalk language in order to give broad images of the kinds of information-related tools that might represent the kernel of a personal computing medium.
Von Alan Kay, Adele Goldberg im Text Personal Dynamic Media (1977)


Possibly one of the most important, but least read articles in computing. It sees impacts beyond computer graphics. Started Apple Mac and Lisa technology. The next logical step after V. Bush's Memex.
Von Marcus Denker, erfasst im Biblionetz am 25.07.2004
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Von Beats Bibliothekar, erfasst im Biblionetz am 29.07.2006
Certain aspects of notebook computing weren’t foretold in the essay that follows - even though the Dynabook idea is among the most influential and prescient of the past thirty years. While Kay and Goldberg predicted that businesspeople could carry along - the last several weeks of correspondence in a structured cross-indexed form - and wireless communications capability was an essential part of the Dynabook concept, they didn’t emphasize how notebook computers (and other personal computers) would find so much use as networked communication devices. They highlighted the potential creative uses of the computer, but did not suggest the ways in which notebook computers are now used as media players, playing DVDs in coach class on airplanes or sending from MP3s through earphones to students as they toil over textbooks in libraries. Even within Dynabook project, so extraordinary in creating notebook computing and charting a course quarter-century of computer evolution that would follow was not completely prefigured.
Von Nick Montfort, Noah Wardrip-Fruin Personenreihenfolge alphabetisch und evtl. nicht korrekt im Buch The New Media Reader (2003) auf Seite  391

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Alan Kay

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Digitalisierung fördert Konvergenz

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Computercomputer, DynabookDynabook, Hardwarehardware, Kinderchildren, Lernenlearning, Medienmedia, Musikmusic, Programmierenprogramming, Simulation, Smalltalk, Softwaresoftware
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1969The Reactive Engine (Alan Kay) 3000

The medium is the message. (Marshall McLuhan)

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